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ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option Class Reference

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Public Methods

 ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option (const ACE_TCHAR *name, int has_arg, int val=0)

 ~ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option (void)
 Default dtor.

int operator< (const ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option &rhs)

Public Attributes

const ACE_TCHARname_
 Long option name.

int has_arg_
 Contains value for <OPTION_ARG_MODE>.

int val_

Detailed Description

is for internal use in the ACE_Get_Opt class, and is inaccessible to users.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option const ACE_TCHAR   name,
int    has_arg,
int    val = 0


ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option::~ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option void   

Default dtor.

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE int ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option::operator< const ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option &    rhs

Member Data Documentation

int ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option::has_arg_

Contains value for <OPTION_ARG_MODE>.

const ACE_TCHAR* ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option::name_

Long option name.

int ACE_Get_Opt::ACE_Get_Opt_Long_Option::val_

Contains a valid short option character or zero if it doesn't have a corresponding short option. It can also contain a non-printable value that cannot be passed to <optstring> but will be returned by <operator()>. This is handy for simplifying long option handling, see tests/Get_Opt_Test.cpp for an example of this technique.

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