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ACE_Auto_String_Free Class Reference

Simple class to automatically de-allocate strings. More...

#include <SString.h>

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Public Methods

ACE_EXPLICIT ACE_Auto_String_Free (char *p=0)
 ACE_Auto_String_Free (ACE_Auto_String_Free &rhs)
ACE_Auto_String_Free & operator= (ACE_Auto_String_Free &rhs)
 ~ACE_Auto_String_Free (void)
char * operator * () const
char operator[] (int i) const
char * get (void) const
char * release (void)
void reset (char *p=0)

Private Attributes

char * p_

Detailed Description

Simple class to automatically de-allocate strings.

Keeps a pointer to a string and deallocates it (using <ACE_OS::free>) on its destructor. If you need to delete using "delete[]" the ACE_Auto_Array_Ptr<char*> is your choice. The class plays the same role as auto_ptr<>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE ACE_Auto_String_Free::ACE_Auto_String_Free char *    p = 0

ACE_INLINE ACE_Auto_String_Free::ACE_Auto_String_Free ACE_Auto_String_Free &    rhs

ACE_INLINE ACE_Auto_String_Free::~ACE_Auto_String_Free void   

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE char * ACE_Auto_String_Free::get void    const

ACE_INLINE char * ACE_Auto_String_Free::operator *  

ACE_INLINE ACE_Auto_String_Free & ACE_Auto_String_Free::operator= ACE_Auto_String_Free &    rhs

ACE_INLINE char ACE_Auto_String_Free::operator[] int    i const

ACE_INLINE char * ACE_Auto_String_Free::release void   

ACE_INLINE void ACE_Auto_String_Free::reset char *    p = 0

Member Data Documentation

char* ACE_Auto_String_Free::p_ [private]

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