CS 251: Course Work

Students will construct software components and applications using popular programming tools available in the MacOS, Windows, and/or Linux environment. Students are expected to be familiar with C++.

There will be around 5 programming projects that will build upon one another to illustrate the value of good design and implementation techniques on the software lifecycle. Online descriptions of these assignments will be made available at the appropriate times via the Web.

There will be a final exam and a short graded quiz at the end of each week. The final exam and the quizzes will largely be based on material presented in the lectures and assignments. It is therefore essential that you watch the lectures to prepare for the quizzes and final exam. There will be no ``makeup'' quizzes unless you ask permission from me before the quiz. There will be a final exam at the designated time slot. All quizzes and the final exam will via Brightspace.

Graduate students who are taking this course will be expected to do additional work compared to undergraduate students in the class. This additional work will involve the following sorts of activities:

The assignments and quizzes will explain precisely what additional work graduate students will be expected to perform.

The relative weighting of each portion of the course is presented below:

Note that I reserve the right to change the weights during the course of the semester.

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