Timer_Queue_T.h File Reference

#include "ace/Free_List.h"
#include "ace/Event_Handler.h"
#include "ace/Time_Value.h"
#include "ace/Timer_Queue_T.inl"
#include "ace/Timer_Queue_T.cpp"

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class  ACE_Timer_Node_Dispatch_Info_T< TYPE >
 Maintains generated dispatch information for Timer nodes. More...
class  ACE_Timer_Node_T< TYPE >
 Maintains the state associated with a Timer entry. More...
class  ACE_Timer_Queue_Iterator_T< TYPE, FUNCTOR, ACE_LOCK >
 Generic interface for iterating over a subclass of ACE_Timer_Queue. More...
class  ACE_Timer_Queue_T< TYPE, FUNCTOR, ACE_LOCK >
 Provides an interface to timers. More...
class  ACE_Event_Handler_Handle_Timeout_Upcall< ACE_LOCK >
 Functor for Timer_Queues. More...

Detailed Description

Timer_Queue_T.h 80826 2008-03-04 14:51:23Z wotte

Doug Schmidt <schmidt@cs.wustl.edu>

Irfan Pyarali <irfan@cs.wustl.edu> and

Darrell Brunsch <brunsch@cs.wustl.edu>

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