ACE_TTY_IO Class Reference

Class definitions for platform specific TTY features. More...

#include <TTY_IO.h>

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struct  Serial_Params

Public Types

enum  Control_Mode { SETPARAMS, GETPARAMS }

Public Member Functions

int control (Control_Mode cmd, Serial_Params *arg) const

Detailed Description

Class definitions for platform specific TTY features.

This class represents an example interface for a specific device (a serial line). It extends the capability of the underlying DEV_IO class by adding a control method that takes a special structure (Serial_Params) as argument to allow a comfortable user interface (away from that annoying termios structure, which is very specific to UNIX).

Member Enumeration Documentation

SETPARAMS  Set control parameters.
GETPARAMS  Get control parameters.

Member Function Documentation

int ACE_TTY_IO::control ( Control_Mode  cmd,
Serial_Params arg 
) const

Interface for reading/writing serial device parameters.

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