ACE_Event_Handler::ACE_Event_Handler::Reference_Counting_Policy Class Reference

This policy dictates the reference counting requirements for the handler. More...

#include <Event_Handler.h>

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Public Types

enum  Value { ENABLED, DISABLED }

Public Member Functions

Value value (void) const
 Current Reference_Counting_Policy.
void value (Value value)
 Update Reference_Counting_Policy.

Private Member Functions

 Reference_Counting_Policy (Value value)
 Private constructor.

Private Attributes

Value value_
 The value of the policy.


class ACE_Event_Handler
 This policy can only be created by the handler.

Detailed Description

This policy dictates the reference counting requirements for the handler.

This policy allows applications to configure whether it wants the Reactor to call add_reference() and remove_reference() during registrations, removals, and upcalls.

Default: DISABLED.

Member Enumeration Documentation

ENABLED  Perform reference counting.
DISABLED  Don't perform reference counting.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Event_Handler::ACE_Event_Handler::Reference_Counting_Policy::Reference_Counting_Policy ( Reference_Counting_Policy::Value  value  )  [private]

Private constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_Event_Handler::ACE_Event_Handler::Reference_Counting_Policy::value ( Value  value  ) 

ACE_Event_Handler::Reference_Counting_Policy::Value ACE_Event_Handler::ACE_Event_Handler::Reference_Counting_Policy::value ( void   )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ACE_Event_Handler [friend]

This policy can only be created by the handler.

Member Data Documentation

Value ACE_Event_Handler::ACE_Event_Handler::Reference_Counting_Policy::value_ [private]

The value of the policy.

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