ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy Class Reference

Defines the interface for a connection recycler. More...

#include <Connection_Recycling_Strategy.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy (void)
 Virtual Destructor.
virtual int purge (const void *recycling_act)=0
 Remove from cache.
virtual int cache (const void *recycling_act)=0
 Add to cache.
virtual int recycle_state (const void *recycling_act, ACE_Recyclable_State new_state)=0
virtual ACE_Recyclable_State recycle_state (const void *recycling_act) const =0
 Get/Set recycle_state.
virtual int mark_as_closed (const void *recycling_act)=0
 Mark as closed.
virtual int mark_as_closed_i (const void *recycling_act)=0
 Mark as closed.(non-locking version).
virtual int cleanup_hint (const void *recycling_act, void **act_holder=0)=0
 Cleanup hint and reset act_holder to zero if act_holder != 0.

Detailed Description

Defines the interface for a connection recycler.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::~ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy ( void   )  [virtual]

Virtual Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::cache ( const void *  recycling_act  )  [pure virtual]

virtual int ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::cleanup_hint ( const void *  recycling_act,
void **  act_holder = 0 
) [pure virtual]

virtual int ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::mark_as_closed ( const void *  recycling_act  )  [pure virtual]

virtual int ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::mark_as_closed_i ( const void *  recycling_act  )  [pure virtual]

virtual int ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::purge ( const void *  recycling_act  )  [pure virtual]

virtual ACE_Recyclable_State ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::recycle_state ( const void *  recycling_act  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual int ACE_Connection_Recycling_Strategy::recycle_state ( const void *  recycling_act,
ACE_Recyclable_State  new_state 
) [pure virtual]

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