ACEXML  7.0.2
ACEXML - A Small and Portable XML Parser

-*- HTML-Helper -*-


ACEXML is a small footprint and portable framework for integrating XML parsing ability into user applications. The framework is based on the Simple API for XML (SAX 2.0) by David Megginson. A simple non-conformant XML parser is also included in the framework. Since our original motivation was to use the parser for specifying software composition and configuration descriptors, at the current stage, the parser does not fully support all the features specified in the XML specification.

We do, however, plan to add more features to the parser and will either release a more versatile parser or allow the current parser to dynamically load in the extra features in the future.

Features of ACEXML

  • ACEXML only recognize UNICODE documents, although they can be in various different encoding, such as UTF-8, UTF-16, or UCS-4. Therefore, it might be a problem to handle document containing multi-byte charatersets. They can, however, be translated into UNICODE before being parsed by ACEXML parser.

Other Topics

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