ACEXML 7.0.10
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ACEXML Programming Guidelines
  • A lot of class names under /home/johnny/doxygen/ACE_TAO/ACE/ACEXML/common do not follow the naming convention suggested in ACE-guidelines.html. The reason for that is because those classes were derived from the SAX2 API and we would like to keep them as similar as possible.
  • Character encoding: The default character encoding for ACEXML can be set at compile time. ACEXML uses UTF-8 encoding in most platforms where ACEXML_Char maps to char in this case. When ACE is configured to use wchar and UNICODE, ACEXML uses UTF-16 encoding and ACEXML_Char maps to wchar_t. Notice that ACEXML assume sizeof (wchar_t) is of 2-byte long. For platforms using 4-byte wchar_t, ACEXML will not work correctly, but it should be trivial to fix.

  • Currently, there's only an example showing how to use the parser under /home/johnny/doxygen/ACE_TAO/ACE/ACEXML/examples/SAXPrint/.

  • (Not supported yet) To develop a new validator, one must create a DLL implementing ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder, ACEXML_Attribute_Def_Builder, ACEXML_Element_Def_Builder, ACEXML_Validator, and ACEXML_DTD_Manager. The DLL should also export a traditional C function called create_dtd_manager. The XML parser itself should also be modified to support and dynamically link with the new validator. See /home/johnny/doxygen/ACE_TAO/ACE/ACEXML/parser/debug_validator/ for an example.