TAO_AnyTypeCode  2.4.0
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Struct_TypeCode_Static.h File Reference
#include "tao/AnyTypeCode/TypeCode.h"
#include "tao/AnyTypeCode/TypeCode_Base_Attributes.h"
#include "tao/AnyTypeCode/Null_RefCount_Policy.h"
#include "tao/AnyTypeCode/Struct_TypeCode_Static.inl"


struct  TAO::TypeCode::Struct_Field< class, class >
 Name/type pair for fields of an OMG IDL defined structure or exception.
class  TAO::TypeCode::Struct< StringType, TypeCodeType, FieldArrayType, RefCountPolicy >
 CORBA::TypeCode implementation for an OMG IDL struct or exception. More...
class  TAO::TypeCode::Struct< char const *, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr const *, Struct_Field< char const *, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr const * > const *, TAO::Null_RefCount_Policy >



Detailed Description

Header file for static tk_struct and tk_except CORBA::TypeCodes.

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