ACE  6.3.4
ACE_Auto_Ptr< X > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Auto_Ptr< X >, including all inherited members.

ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr(X *p=0)ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inlineexplicit
ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr(ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X > &ap)ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
ACE_Auto_Ptr(X *p=0)ACE_Auto_Ptr< X >inlineexplicit
dump(void) const ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
element_type typedefACE_Auto_Ptr< X >
get(void) const ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
operator*() const ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
operator->() const ACE_Auto_Ptr< X >inline
operator=(ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X > &rhs)ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
p_ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >protected
release(void)ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
reset(X *p=0)ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline
~ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr(void)ACE_Auto_Basic_Ptr< X >inline