ACE  6.3.4
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Sock_Connect.h File Reference
#include "ace/Basic_Types.h"
#include "ace/os_include/netinet/os_in.h"


 The namespace containing the ACE framework itself.


int ACE::bind_port (ACE_HANDLE handle, ACE_UINT32 ip_addr=INADDR_ANY, int address_family=AF_UNSPEC)
 Bind a new unused port to handle. More...
int ACE::get_bcast_addr (ACE_UINT32 &bcast_addr, const ACE_TCHAR *hostname=0, ACE_UINT32 host_addr=0, ACE_HANDLE handle=ACE_INVALID_HANDLE)
int ACE::get_fqdn (ACE_INET_Addr const &addr, char hostname[], size_t len)
 Get fully qualified host/domain name. More...
int ACE::get_ip_interfaces (size_t &count, ACE_INET_Addr *&addr_array)
int ACE::count_interfaces (ACE_HANDLE handle, size_t &how_many)
ACE_HANDLE ACE::get_handle (void)
bool ACE::ipv4_enabled (void)
int ACE::ipv6_enabled (void)

Detailed Description

Priyanka Gontla
Based on code that existed formerly in ACE.h.