TAO  2.3.3
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Basic_Types.h File Reference
#include "ace/CDR_Base.h"
#include "tao/orbconf.h"


class  TAO::String_var< charT >
class  TAO::String_out< charT >
 String_out. More...


 Define symbolic names for the ORB collocation strategies as used at runtime.
 FUZZ: disable check_for_include/.


typedef TAO::String_var< CORBA::CharCORBA::String_var
typedef TAO::String_out< CORBA::CharCORBA::String_out
typedef TAO::String_var< CORBA::WCharCORBA::WString_var
typedef TAO::String_out< CORBA::WCharCORBA::WString_out
CORBA Primitive Types

Declarations of all CORBA primitive types.

typedef ACE_CDR::Boolean CORBA::Boolean
typedef Boolean & CORBA::Boolean_out
typedef ACE_CDR::Octet CORBA::Octet
typedef Octet & CORBA::Octet_out
typedef ACE_CDR::Short CORBA::Short
typedef Short & CORBA::Short_out
typedef ACE_CDR::UShort CORBA::UShort
typedef UShort & CORBA::UShort_out
typedef ACE_CDR::Long CORBA::Long
typedef Long & CORBA::Long_out
typedef ACE_CDR::ULong CORBA::ULong
typedef ULong & CORBA::ULong_out
typedef ACE_CDR::LongLong CORBA::LongLong
typedef LongLong & CORBA::LongLong_out
typedef ACE_CDR::ULongLong CORBA::ULongLong
typedef ULongLong & CORBA::ULongLong_out
typedef ACE_CDR::Float CORBA::Float
typedef Float & CORBA::Float_out
typedef ACE_CDR::Double CORBA::Double
typedef Double & CORBA::Double_out
typedef ACE_CDR::LongDouble CORBA::LongDouble
typedef LongDouble & CORBA::LongDouble_out
typedef ACE_CDR::Char CORBA::Char
typedef Char & CORBA::Char_out
typedef ACE_CDR::WChar CORBA::WChar
typedef WCharCORBA::WChar_out