ACE  6.3.0
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OS_TLI.inl File Reference
#include "ace/OS_NS_errno.h"


 This namespace defines an OS independent programming API that shields developers from nonportable aspects of writing efficient system programs on Win32, POSIX and other versions of UNIX, and various real-time operating systems.


int ACE_OS::t_accept (ACE_HANDLE fildes, ACE_HANDLE resfd, struct t_call *call)
char * ACE_OS::t_alloc (ACE_HANDLE fildes, int struct_type, int fields)
int ACE_OS::t_bind (ACE_HANDLE fildes, ACE_TBIND *req, ACE_TBIND *ret)
int ACE_OS::t_close (ACE_HANDLE fildes)
int ACE_OS::t_connect (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_call *sndcall, struct t_call *rcvcall)
void ACE_OS::t_error (const char *errmsg)
int ACE_OS::t_free (char *ptr, int struct_type)
int ACE_OS::t_getinfo (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_info *info)
int ACE_OS::t_getname (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct netbuf *namep, int type)
int ACE_OS::t_getstate (ACE_HANDLE fildes)
int ACE_OS::t_listen (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_call *call)
int ACE_OS::t_look (ACE_HANDLE fildes)
ACE_HANDLE ACE_OS::t_open (char *path, int oflag, struct t_info *info)
int ACE_OS::t_optmgmt (ACE_HANDLE handle, ACE_TOPTMGMT *req, ACE_TOPTMGMT *ret)
int ACE_OS::t_rcv (ACE_HANDLE fildes, char *buf, unsigned int nbytes, int *flags)
int ACE_OS::t_rcvdis (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_discon *discon)
int ACE_OS::t_rcvrel (ACE_HANDLE fildes)
int ACE_OS::t_rcvudata (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_unitdata *unitdata, int *flags)
int ACE_OS::t_rcvuderr (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_uderr *uderr)
int ACE_OS::t_snd (ACE_HANDLE fildes, const char *buf, unsigned int nbytes, int flags)
int ACE_OS::t_snddis (ACE_HANDLE fildes, struct t_call *call)
int ACE_OS::t_sndrel (ACE_HANDLE fildes)
int ACE_OS::t_sync (ACE_HANDLE fildes)
int ACE_OS::t_unbind (ACE_HANDLE fildes)