ACE  6.2.3
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ACE_Future_Rep< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Future_Rep< T >, including all inherited members.

ACE_Future< T > classACE_Future_Rep< T >friend
ACE_Future_Rep(void)ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
assign(ACE_Future_Rep< T > *&rep, ACE_Future_Rep< T > *new_rep)ACE_Future_Rep< T >privatestatic
attach(ACE_Future_Observer< T > *observer, ACE_Future< T > &caller)ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
attach(ACE_Future_Rep< T > *&rep)ACE_Future_Rep< T >privatestatic
create(void)ACE_Future_Rep< T >privatestatic
detach(ACE_Future_Observer< T > *observer)ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
detach(ACE_Future_Rep< T > *&rep)ACE_Future_Rep< T >privatestatic
dump(void) const ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
get(T &value, ACE_Time_Value *tv) const ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
internal_create(void)ACE_Future_Rep< T >privatestatic
OBSERVER typedefACE_Future_Rep< T >private
OBSERVER_COLLECTION typedefACE_Future_Rep< T >private
observer_collection_ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
operator T()ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
ready(void) const ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
ref_count_ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
set(const T &r, ACE_Future< T > &caller)ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
value_ACE_Future_Rep< T >private
value_ready_ACE_Future_Rep< T >mutableprivate
value_ready_mutex_ACE_Future_Rep< T >mutableprivate
~ACE_Future_Rep(void)ACE_Future_Rep< T >protected