ACE  6.1.2
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ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > Member List
This is the complete list of members for ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM >, including all inherited members.
ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC(void)ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]
ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC(STREAM &source, ACE_INET_Addr &dest)ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]
get_remote_addr(ACE_INET_Addr &addr) const ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]
peer_ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [protected]
recv(char *buf, ssize_t len, ACE_Time_Value *tv=0)ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]
recv(char *buf, ssize_t len, int flags, ACE_Time_Value *tv=0)ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]
recv_n(char *buf, ssize_t len, int flags=0, ACE_Time_Value *tv=0)ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]
send_n(char *buf, ssize_t len)ACE_SOCK_Dgram_SC< STREAM > [inline]