ACE  6.0.6
ACE_Map Member List
This is the complete list of members for ACE_Map, including all inherited members.
ACE_Map(void)ACE_Map [protected]
ACE_Map(const ACE_Map< KEY, VALUE > &)ACE_Map [private]
begin_impl(void)=0ACE_Map [protected, pure virtual]
bind(const KEY &key, const VALUE &value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
bind_create_key(const VALUE &value, KEY &key)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
bind_create_key(const VALUE &value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
bind_modify_key(const VALUE &value, KEY &key)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
close(void)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
create_key(KEY &key)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
current_size(void) const =0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
dump(void) const =0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
end_impl(void)=0ACE_Map [protected, pure virtual]
find(const KEY &key, VALUE &value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
find(const KEY &key)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
iterator typedefACE_Map
iterator_implementation typedefACE_Map
key_type typedefACE_Map
mapped_type typedefACE_Map
open(size_t length=ACE_DEFAULT_MAP_SIZE, ACE_Allocator *alloc=0)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
operator=(const ACE_Map< KEY, VALUE > &)ACE_Map [private]
rbegin_impl(void)=0ACE_Map [protected, pure virtual]
rebind(const KEY &key, const VALUE &value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
rebind(const KEY &key, const VALUE &value, VALUE &old_value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
rebind(const KEY &key, const VALUE &value, KEY &old_key, VALUE &old_value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
recover_key(const KEY &modified_key, KEY &original_key)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
rend_impl(void)=0ACE_Map [protected, pure virtual]
reverse_iterator typedefACE_Map
reverse_iterator_implementation typedefACE_Map
total_size(void) const =0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
trybind(const KEY &key, VALUE &value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
unbind(const KEY &key)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
unbind(const KEY &key, VALUE &value)=0ACE_Map [pure virtual]
value_type typedefACE_Map
~ACE_Map(void)ACE_Map [virtual]
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