TAO_Implementation_Repository 2.0.5
Transition from IMR in TAO 1.2.2

While the previous version of ImR has a single focal point (ImplRepo_Service) for performing all the jobs including receiving various requests, maintaining the information about all the servers registered with it and actually activating the servers as needed, in the new IMR, we distribute the work load between two entities, ImplRepo_Service and ImR_Activator, to help achieve the goal of better throughput and load balance.

. The added step that you would have to now do is run the ImR_Activator. You can just run one instance of it to get the same behaviour as you were getting before.

If you run the ImplRepo_Service in multicast mode, the ImR_Activator will be able to get access to it via multicast. Otherwise, you would have to use one of the reference initializing methods to give the ImR_Activator access to the ImplRepo_Service.

. As I mentioned before, the previous commandline parameters that can be passed to ImplRepoService for the repository purposes will now be passed to the ImR_Activator since that is the one that is dealing with the database.

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