Running as an NT service

The ImplRepo_Service.exe can now also function as a Windows NT Service. The -c option can be used to install and remove the service (this requires Administrator access on the machine).

When using the ImplRepo_Service as a service, it must have all of its required ACE/TAO DLL's in the path or in the same directory. For example, the copies ImplRepo_Service.exe to the ACE_wrappers\bin directory before using "-c install". Alternatively, You can set the usual ACE_ROOT, TAO_ROOT, and PATH environment variables on a system wide basis.

The service can be then started either from the Windows NT "Services" Admin Tool or via the "net" program on the command line:

net start "TAO Implementation Repository Locator" net start "TAO Implementation Repository Activator"

The Implementation Repository supports start and stop but not pause.

When the Activator is installed using ImR_Activator -c install, it is added with a dependency on a locator service. If you don't wish to also install the locator on the same machine, then you must use the -c install_no_imr option instead.

Any options that are specified along with -c install, will be saved in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. For example: ImR_Activator -c install -d 3 -l -m -o activator.ior -x persist.xml -t 30 -orbendpoint iiop://:9988 -orbdebuglevel 1

The order of arguments makes no difference, but you must run -c remove and then -c install if you want to change the parameters.

You can also manually change these using the typical regedit utility.

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