ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK >, including all inherited members.
ACE_TSS_Singleton(void)ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [inline, protected]
ACE_TSS_TYPE(TYPE) instance_ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [protected]
ACE_UNIMPLEMENTED_FUNC(void operator=(const ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > &)) ACE_UNIMPLEMENTED_FUNC(ACE_TSS_Singleton(const ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPEACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [protected]
cleanup(void *param=0)ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [inline, virtual]
dump(void)ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [inline, static]
instance(void)ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [inline, static]
instance_i(void)ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [inline, protected, static]
singleton_ACE_TSS_Singleton< TYPE, ACE_LOCK > [inline, protected, static]
~ACE_Cleanup(void)ACE_Cleanup [virtual]
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