CIAO::Context_Impl_Base Class Reference

Non-template base class for Context_Impl. More...

#include <Context_Impl_Base.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Context_Impl_Base (void)
 Context_Impl_Base (Components::CCMHome_ptr home, Container_ptr c)
virtual ~Context_Impl_Base (void)
virtual Components::Principal_ptr get_caller_principal ()
virtual Components::CCMHome_ptr get_CCM_home ()
virtual CORBA::Boolean get_rollback_only ()
get_user_transaction ()
virtual CORBA::Boolean is_caller_in_role (const char *role)
virtual void set_rollback_only ()
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr resolve_service_reference (const char *service_id)
CIAO::Container_ptr _ciao_the_Container (void) const
const char * _ciao_instance_id (void) const
void _ciao_instance_id (const char *instance_id)

Protected Attributes

Components::CCMHome_var home_
Container_var container_

Private Attributes

CORBA::String_var ciao_instance_id_

Detailed Description

Non-template base class for Context_Impl.

Holds the non-template parts of its child class Context_Impl.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::Context_Impl_Base ( void   ) 

This constructor should be declarated private but it seems the compilers want it, have to sort this out in detail.

CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::Context_Impl_Base ( Components::CCMHome_ptr  home,
Container_ptr  c 

CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::~Context_Impl_Base ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::_ciao_instance_id ( const char *  instance_id  ) 

const char * CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::_ciao_instance_id ( void   )  const

CIAO::Container_ptr CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::_ciao_the_Container ( void   )  const

Components::Principal_ptr CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::get_caller_principal ( void   )  [virtual]

Components::CCMHome_ptr CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::get_CCM_home ( void   )  [virtual]

CORBA::Boolean CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::get_rollback_only ( void   )  [virtual]

Components::Transaction::UserTransaction_ptr CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::get_user_transaction ( void   )  [virtual]

CORBA::Boolean CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::is_caller_in_role ( const char *  role  )  [virtual]

CORBA::Object_ptr CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::resolve_service_reference ( const char *  service_id  )  [virtual]

void CIAO::Context_Impl_Base::set_rollback_only ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

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