Todo List

Class ACE_Async_Timer_Queue_Adapter< TQ >
This adapter does not automatically reschedule repeating timers.

We want to add options to control this default value, so this constant should be read as the default default value ;-)

Class ACE_Configuration_Heap

Class ACE_Ini_ImpExp

Class ACE_Intrusive_List< T >
The ACE_Message_Queue is an example of an intrusive list (or queue) but it is not implemented in terms of this class.

Member ACE_Message_Block::reset_allocators (ACE_Allocator *allocator_strategy=0, ACE_Allocator *data_block_allocator=0, ACE_Allocator *message_block_allocator=0)
Not sure whether we would need finer control while trying to reset allocators ie. a method for every allocator.

Class ACE_Registry_ImpExp

Class ACE_RW_Process_Mutex
For systems with pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared one may consider using them to make the mutex faster.

: We can merge ACE_Task and ACE_Task_Ex to be one class. something like that: template <ACE_SYNCH_DECL, ACE_MESSAGE_TYPE = ACE_Message_Block> class ACE_Task : public ACE_Task_Base { // use here the code from ACE_Task_Ex using ACE_Message_Queue_Ex };

Member ACE_Task_Ex::sibling (void)

Member ACE_Task_Ex::sibling (void)
FIXME Need to impl ACE_Moudle to support ACE_Task as well. Now always return 0 for sibling

Class ACE_Throughput_Stats
The idea behind this class was to use linear regression to determine if the throughput was linear or exhibited jitter. Unfortunately it never worked quite right, so only average throughput is computed.

Member ACE_Time_Value::normalize (void)
This loop needs some optimization.

Class ACE_OS::macaddr_node_t
: this is really useless except for UUID, move there? dhinton

File Configuration.h
Templatize this class with an ACE_LOCK to provide thread safety

File Configuration_Import_Export.h

One class per-Service_Object seems wasteful. It should be possible to define a single class and re-use it for all the service objects, just by passing the Service_Descriptor as an argument to the constructor.

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