OS_NS_wchar.cpp File Reference

#include "ace/OS_NS_wchar.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_ctype.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_string.h"

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wchar_t * 
ACE_OS::wcscat_emulation (wchar_t *destination, const wchar_t *source)
 Emulated wcscat - Appends a string.
wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcschr_emulation (const wchar_t *string, wchar_t c)
 Emulated wcschr - Finds a character in a string.
int ACE_OS::wcscmp_emulation (const ACE_WCHAR_T *string1, const ACE_WCHAR_T *string2)
 Emulated wcscmp - Compares strings.
wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcscpy_emulation (wchar_t *destination, const wchar_t *source)
 Emulated wcscpy - Copies a string.
size_t ACE_OS::wcscspn_emulation (const wchar_t *string, const wchar_t *reject)
 Emulated wcscspn.
int ACE_OS::wcsicmp_emulation (const wchar_t *string1, const wchar_t *string2)
 Emulated wcsicmp - Performs a case insensitive comparison of strings.
size_t ACE_OS::wcslen_emulation (const ACE_WCHAR_T *string)
 Emulated wcslen - Returns the length of a string.
ACE_WCHAR_T * ACE_OS::wcsncat_emulation (ACE_WCHAR_T *destination, const ACE_WCHAR_T *source, size_t count)
 Emulated wcscat - Appends a string.
int ACE_OS::wcsncmp_emulation (const ACE_WCHAR_T *string1, const ACE_WCHAR_T *string2, size_t len)
 Emulated wcsncmp - Compares two arrays.
ACE_WCHAR_T * ACE_OS::wcsncpy_emulation (ACE_WCHAR_T *destination, const ACE_WCHAR_T *source, size_t len)
 Emulated wcsncpy - Copies an array.
int ACE_OS::wcsnicmp_emulation (const wchar_t *s, const wchar_t *t, size_t len)
wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcspbrk_emulation (const wchar_t *string, const wchar_t *charset)
 Emulated wcspbrk - Searches for characters in a string.
const wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcsrchr_emulation (const wchar_t *s, wint_t c)
wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcsrchr_emulation (wchar_t *s, wint_t c)
size_t ACE_OS::wcsspn_emulation (const wchar_t *string, const wchar_t *charset)
 Emulated wcsspn.
wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcsstr_emulation (const wchar_t *string, const wchar_t *charset)
 Emulated wcsstr - Performs a case insensitive comparison of two strings.

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