ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor >, including all inherited members.

Auto_Functor(X *p=0, Functor functor=Functor())ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline, explicit]
Auto_Functor(Auto_Functor &rhs)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
Auto_Functor(Auto_Functor< Y, Functor > &rhs)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
Auto_Functor(Auto_Functor_Ref< X, Functor > rhs)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
element_type typedefACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor >
f_ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [private]
functor() constACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
functor_type typedefACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor >
get()ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator *() constACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator Auto_Functor()ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator Auto_Functor_Ref()ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator->() constACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator=(Auto_Functor &rhs)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator=(Auto_Functor< Y, Functor > &rhs)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
operator=(Auto_Functor_Ref< X, Functor > rhs)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
p_ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [private]
release()ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
reset(X *p=0)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
reset(X *p, Functor f)ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]
~Auto_Functor()ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor > [inline]

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