TAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy >, including all inherited members.

allocbuf(CORBA::ULong)TAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy > [inline, static]
default_buffer_allocation()TAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy > [inline, static]
default_maximum()TAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy > [inline, static]
freebuf(value_type *buffer)TAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy > [inline, static]
value_type typedefTAO::details::bounded_array_allocation_traits< T, MAX, dummy >

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