TAO_Adapter Member List

This is the complete list of members for TAO_Adapter, including all inherited members.

check_close(int wait_for_completion)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
close(int wait_for_completion)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
create_collocated_object(TAO_Stub *, const TAO_MProfile &)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
dispatch(TAO::ObjectKey &key, TAO_ServerRequest &request, CORBA::Object_out forward_to)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
DS_FAILED enum valueTAO_Adapter
DS_FORWARD enum valueTAO_Adapter
DS_MISMATCHED_KEY enum valueTAO_Adapter
DS_OK enum valueTAO_Adapter
initialize_collocated_object(TAO_Stub *)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
name(void) const =0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
open(void)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
priority(void) const =0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
root(void)=0TAO_Adapter [pure virtual]
~TAO_Adapter(void)TAO_Adapter [virtual]

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