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CosEventChannelAdmin.idl File Reference

Define the CosEventChannelAdmin module. More...

import "CosEventComm.idl";

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namespace  CosEventChannelAdmin

Detailed Description

Define the CosEventChannelAdmin module.

CosEventChannelAdmin.idl,v 1.7 2001/09/17 20:50:34 coryan Exp

Described in CORBAservices: Common Object Services Specification, chapter 4.

CosEventChannelAdmin Module, page 4-15 includes the following interfaces: ProxyPushConsumer, ProxyPullSupplier, ProxyPullConsumer, ProxyPushSupplier, ConsumerAdmin, SupplierAdmin, EventChannel

The Event Service IDL can be downloaded from

The complete specification is available from:

Pradeep Gore <>

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