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ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl, including all inherited members.

ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl(void)ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [protected]
act(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
bytes_transferred(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
complete(size_t bytes_transferred, int success, const void *completion_key, u_long error=0)=0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
completion_key(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
error(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
event(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
offset(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
offset_high(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
post_completion(ACE_Proactor_Impl *proactor)=0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
priority(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
signal_number(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
success(void) const =0ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [pure virtual]
~ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl(void)ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl [virtual]

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