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ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC >, including all inherited members.

ACE_Allocator_Adapter(const char *pool_name=0)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC >
ACE_Allocator_Adapter(const char *pool_name, const char *lock_name, MEMORY_POOL_OPTIONS options=0)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [inline]
ACE_Allocator_Adapter(const wchar_t *pool_name)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC >
ACE_Allocator_Adapter(const wchar_t *pool_name, const wchar_t *lock_name, MEMORY_POOL_OPTIONS options=0)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [inline]
alloc(void)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC >
ALLOCATOR typedefACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC >
allocator_ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [private]
bind(const char *name, void *pointer, int duplicates=0)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
calloc(size_t nbytes, char initial_value= '\0')ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
calloc(size_t n_elem, size_t elem_size, char initial_value= '\0')ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
close_singleton(void)ACE_Allocator [static]
dump(void) const ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
find(const char *name, void *&pointer)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
find(const char *name)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
free(void *ptr)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
instance(void)ACE_Allocator [static]
instance(ACE_Allocator *)ACE_Allocator [static]
malloc(size_t nbytes)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
MEMORY_POOL_OPTIONS typedefACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC >
protect(ssize_t len=-1, int prot=PROT_RDWR)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
protect(void *addr, size_t len, int prot=PROT_RDWR)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
remove(void)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
sync(ssize_t len=-1, int flags=MS_SYNC)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
sync(void *addr, size_t len, int flags=MS_SYNC)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
trybind(const char *name, void *&pointer)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
unbind(const char *name)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
unbind(const char *name, void *&pointer)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]
~ACE_Allocator(void)ACE_Allocator [virtual]
~ACE_Allocator_Adapter(void)ACE_Allocator_Adapter< MALLOC > [virtual]

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