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CORBA::Exception Member List

This is the complete list of members for CORBA::Exception, including all inherited members.

_downcast(Exception *x)CORBA::Exception [static]
_downcast(Exception const *x)CORBA::Exception [static]
_info(void) const =0CORBA::Exception [pure virtual]
_is_a(const char *repository_id) const CORBA::Exception [virtual]
_name(void) const CORBA::Exception [virtual]
_raise(void) const =0CORBA::Exception [pure virtual]
_rep_id(void) const CORBA::Exception [virtual]
_tao_any_destructor(void *)CORBA::Exception [static]
_tao_decode(TAO_InputCDR &cdr ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_NOT_USED)=0CORBA::Exception [pure virtual]
_tao_duplicate(void) const =0CORBA::Exception [pure virtual]
_tao_encode(TAO_OutputCDR &cdr ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_NOT_USED) const =0CORBA::Exception [pure virtual]
_tao_print_exception(const char *info, FILE *f=stdout) const CORBA::Exception
_tao_type(void) const CORBA::Exception [virtual]
Exception(const Exception &src)CORBA::Exception
Exception(const char *repository_id, const char *local_name)CORBA::Exception
Exception(void)CORBA::Exception [protected]
id_CORBA::Exception [private]
name_CORBA::Exception [private]
operator=(const Exception &src)CORBA::Exception
~Exception(void)CORBA::Exception [virtual]

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