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ACE on Windows CE status

Last updated Tuesday 04-March-2003 by Steve Huston <>

As of ACE 5.3, Riverace supports ACE on Windows CE 3 with the PocketPC 2002 SDK and on Windows CE 4 with the Standard SDK. OCI supports TAO 1.3 on at least Windows CE 3 with the PocketPC 2002 SDK. Contact the individual support provider for complete information regarding these platforms as well as the supported hardware targets.

Whereas previous ACE versions had separate ACE and ACE_OS eMbedded Visual C++ project files, the project and workspace arrangement is now the same as for other Windows versions. The project and workspace files themselves are generated using the MakeProjectCreator tool when the ACE kit is prepared. Both EVC3 and EVC4 use the same project and workspace files.

Developers working with sources checked out from CVS must generate the project and workspace files locally using MPC. The autobuild system's generate_makefile and generate_workspace commands can be used for this.

ACE on WindowsCE automatically has ACE_HAS_WCHAR and ACE_USES_WCHAR turned on. Thus ACE_TCHAR and ACE_TEXT() are the wide char versions.

The ACE test suite in ACE_wrappers/tests is used on Windows CE as well as on dekstop Windows. The test suite tools are being extended to use a product called Pocket Controller, Enterprise edition from Soft Object Technologies, Inc. ( that can script the actions needed to copy the test files to a PocketPC device, run the test, and copy the log files back to the build machine for analysis and reporting to the scoreboard.

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