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ACE_Tokenizer Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Tokenizer, including all inherited members.

ACE_Tokenizer(ACE_TCHAR *buffer)ACE_Tokenizer
buffer_ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
delimiter(ACE_TCHAR d)ACE_Tokenizer
delimiter_index_ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
delimiter_replace(ACE_TCHAR d, ACE_TCHAR replacement)ACE_Tokenizer
delimiters_ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
index_ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
is_delimiter(ACE_TCHAR d, int &replace, ACE_TCHAR &r)ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
is_preserve_designator(ACE_TCHAR start, ACE_TCHAR &stop, int &strip)ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
MAX_DELIMITERS enum valueACE_Tokenizer
MAX_PRESERVES enum valueACE_Tokenizer
preserve_designators(ACE_TCHAR start, ACE_TCHAR stop, int strip=1)ACE_Tokenizer
preserves_ACE_Tokenizer [protected]
preserves_index_ACE_Tokenizer [protected]

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