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TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TAO::Any_Impl_T< T >, including all inherited members.

_add_ref(void)TAO::Any_Impl [virtual]
_remove_ref(void)TAO::Any_Impl [virtual]
_tao_any_string_destructor(void *)TAO::Any_Impl [static]
_tao_any_wstring_destructor(void *)TAO::Any_Impl [static]
_tao_byte_order(void) const TAO::Any_Impl [virtual]
_tao_decode(TAO_InputCDR &ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
_tao_destructor typedefTAO::Any_Impl
_tao_get_typecode(void) const TAO::Any_Impl
Any_Impl(_tao_destructor, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, bool encoded=false)TAO::Any_Impl [protected]
Any_Impl_T(_tao_destructor destructor, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, T *const)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T >
demarshal_value(TAO_InputCDR &)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T >
encoded(void) const TAO::Any_Impl
encoded_TAO::Any_Impl [protected]
extract(const CORBA::Any &, _tao_destructor, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, T *&)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [static]
free_value(void)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
insert(CORBA::Any &, _tao_destructor destructor, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, T *const)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [static]
marshal(TAO_OutputCDR &)TAO::Any_Impl
marshal_value(TAO_OutputCDR &)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
to_abstract_base(CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr &) const TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
to_object(CORBA::Object_ptr &) const TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
to_value(CORBA::ValueBase *&) const TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
type(void) const TAO::Any_Impl
type_TAO::Any_Impl [protected]
value(void) const TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]
value_TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [private]
value_destructor_TAO::Any_Impl [protected]
~Any_Impl(void)TAO::Any_Impl [protected, virtual]
~Any_Impl_T(void)TAO::Any_Impl_T< T > [virtual]

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