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TAO_AV_Connector Member List

This is the complete list of members for TAO_AV_Connector, including all inherited members.

close(void)=0TAO_AV_Connector [pure virtual]
connect(TAO_FlowSpec_Entry *entry, TAO_AV_Transport *&transport, TAO_AV_Core::Flow_Component flow_component)=0TAO_AV_Connector [pure virtual]
flowname_TAO_AV_Connector [protected]
open(TAO_Base_StreamEndPoint *endpoint, TAO_AV_Core *av_core, TAO_AV_Flow_Protocol_Factory *factory)=0TAO_AV_Connector [pure virtual]
~TAO_AV_Connector(void)TAO_AV_Connector [virtual]

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