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ACEXML_Attributes Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACEXML_Attributes, including all inherited members.

getIndex(const ACEXML_Char *qName)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getIndex(const ACEXML_Char *uri, const ACEXML_Char *localPart)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getLength(void)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getLocalName(size_t index)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getQName(size_t index)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getType(size_t index)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getType(const ACEXML_Char *qName)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getType(const ACEXML_Char *uri, const ACEXML_Char *localPart)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getURI(size_t index)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getValue(size_t index)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getValue(const ACEXML_Char *qName)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
getValue(const ACEXML_Char *uri, const ACEXML_Char *localPart)=0ACEXML_Attributes [pure virtual]
~ACEXML_Attributes(void)ACEXML_Attributes [virtual]

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