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ACE_SPIPE Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_SPIPE, including all inherited members.

ACE_IPC_SAP(void)ACE_IPC_SAP [protected]
ACE_SPIPE(void)ACE_SPIPE [protected]
control(int cmd, void *) const ACE_IPC_SAP
disable(int signum) const ACE_SPIPE
dump(void) const ACE_SPIPE
enable(int value) const ACE_IPC_SAP
get_handle(void) const ACE_IPC_SAP
get_local_addr(ACE_SPIPE_Addr &) const ACE_SPIPE
local_addr_ACE_SPIPE [protected]
set_handle(ACE_HANDLE handle)ACE_IPC_SAP

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