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ACE_Read_Buffer Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Read_Buffer, including all inherited members.

ACE_Read_Buffer(FILE *fp, int close_on_delete=0, ACE_Allocator *=0)ACE_Read_Buffer
ACE_Read_Buffer(ACE_HANDLE handle, int close_on_delete=0, ACE_Allocator *=0)ACE_Read_Buffer
ACE_Read_Buffer(const ACE_Read_Buffer &)ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
alloc(void) const ACE_Read_Buffer
allocator_ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
close_on_delete_ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
dump(void) const ACE_Read_Buffer
occurrences_ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
operator=(const ACE_Read_Buffer &)ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
read(int terminator=EOF, int search= '\n', int replace= '\0')ACE_Read_Buffer
rec_read(int term, int search, int replace)ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
replaced(void) const ACE_Read_Buffer
size(void) const ACE_Read_Buffer
size_ACE_Read_Buffer [private]
stream_ACE_Read_Buffer [private]

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