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TAO_Notify_PropertySeq Member List

This is the complete list of members for TAO_Notify_PropertySeq, including all inherited members.

add(const ACE_CString &name, const CORBA::Any &val)TAO_Notify_PropertySeq [protected]
find(const char *name, CosNotification::PropertyValue &value) const TAO_Notify_PropertySeq
init(const CosNotification::PropertySeq &prop_seq)TAO_Notify_PropertySeq
populate(CosNotification::PropertySeq_var &prop_seq) const TAO_Notify_PropertySeq
PROPERTY_MAP typedefTAO_Notify_PropertySeq [protected]
property_map_TAO_Notify_PropertySeq [protected]
size() const TAO_Notify_PropertySeq

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