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ACE_Sig_Handler Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Sig_Handler, including all inherited members.

dispatch(int, siginfo_t *, ucontext_t *)ACE_Sig_Handler [static]
dump(void) const ACE_Sig_Handler
handler(int signum)ACE_Sig_Handler [virtual]
handler(int signum, ACE_Event_Handler *)ACE_Sig_Handler [virtual]
handler_i(int signum, ACE_Event_Handler *)ACE_Sig_Handler [protected, static]
in_range(int signum)ACE_Sig_Handler [protected, static]
register_handler(int signum, ACE_Event_Handler *new_sh, ACE_Sig_Action *new_disp=0, ACE_Event_Handler **old_sh=0, ACE_Sig_Action *old_disp=0)ACE_Sig_Handler [virtual]
register_handler_i(int signum, ACE_Event_Handler *new_sh, ACE_Sig_Action *new_disp=0, ACE_Event_Handler **old_sh=0, ACE_Sig_Action *old_disp=0)ACE_Sig_Handler [protected, static]
remove_handler(int signum, ACE_Sig_Action *new_disp=0, ACE_Sig_Action *old_disp=0, int sigkey=-1)ACE_Sig_Handler [virtual]
sig_pending(void)ACE_Sig_Handler [static]
sig_pending(int)ACE_Sig_Handler [static]
sig_pending_ACE_Sig_Handler [protected, static]
signal_handlers_ACE_Sig_Handler [private, static]

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