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ACE_Capabilities Member List

This is the complete list of members for ACE_Capabilities, including all inherited members.
caps_ACE_Capabilities [private]
fillent(const ACE_TCHAR *ent)ACE_Capabilities [protected]
getent(const ACE_TCHAR *fname, const ACE_TCHAR *name)ACE_Capabilities
getline(FILE *fp, ACE_TString &line)ACE_Capabilities [protected]
getval(const ACE_TCHAR *ent, ACE_TString &val)ACE_Capabilities
getval(const ACE_TCHAR *ent, int &val)ACE_Capabilities
is_entry(const ACE_TCHAR *name, const ACE_TCHAR *line)ACE_Capabilities [protected]
MAP typedefACE_Capabilities
parse(const ACE_TCHAR *buf, int &cap)ACE_Capabilities [protected]
parse(const ACE_TCHAR *buf, ACE_TString &cap)ACE_Capabilities [protected]
parseent(const ACE_TCHAR *name, ACE_TCHAR *line)ACE_Capabilities [protected]
resetcaps(void)ACE_Capabilities [protected]

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