My blog on advanced C++

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I spend my free time studying and reading advanced topics in C++. As my knowledge of C++ programming expands, I try to post innovative comments on my blog C++ Truths. I write on a variety of topics related to C++ such as OO patterns and idioms, generic programming, template meta-programming and C++ emerging standard C++0x. I have seen a couple of independent information sources mentioning about cpptruths. I believe, cpptruths has sizable number of subscribers (other than my friends!) spread across many web-based RSS aggregators.



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30th of December, 2006 is one my most memorable days as I got engaged with my sweetheart Archana on that day. In the last 7 years, we shared a beautiful, strong bond of love, friendship, and togetherness. It now shines in the light of the sparkling rings. I thank god for all the wonderful time we could spend together. Here are the engagement snaps.