Research summary

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Research Area Summary

My area of research pertains to the model-driven engineering of component-based distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems. Specifically, in this area, I have worked on modeling and provisioning different kinds of quality of service (QoS) in the standards-based middleware systems.

  • I was primarily involved in a project called NetQoPE, in which, I worked on modeling and provisioning network level QoS support in QoS-enabled component middleware for DRE systems. The modeling capabilities of the NetQoPE allow users to declaratively specify application QoS requirements in terms of network and computational needs. The annotated system models, in turn, are used to automatically generate deployment metadata that account for both network and host resources. Finally, the DRE middleware provisions network and host elements to enable and enforce the QoS decisions. A research paper was recently submitted to ICDCS’07 conference based on this work.
  • Availability modeling for DRE systems is another dimension of QoS that pertains to my research area, wherein modeling support was built to capture application’s dependability requirements in a declarative fashion. The model is used to auto-generate the placement of the system components to maximize availability. Automated deployment metadata generation alleviates many of the complexities involved in the development of highly available, fault-tolerant systems. I am working on a paper to be submitted to ISAS 07.
  • I have also worked on component behavior modeling using the formalism of Input/Output automaton. The modeling support allows us to capture the workload of the components in an abstract way such that it can be used to emulate the component’s resource consumption in a system without even having the actual component ready. A research paper was recently submitted to ECBS 07 conference based on this work.

My focus moving ahead will be on developing tools and algorithms to synthesize highly optimized, low footprint component middleware stacks that are configured with the multiple dimensions of QoS configurations required for DRE systems. I will also investigate the applicability of my ideas to other domains, such as high performance computing, to demonstrate the broader impact of my doctoral dissertation.