CS 282: Course Work

The following document outlines the programming projects and exams that make up the graded material in the CS 282 course.

Programming Projects

CS 282 is a hands-on project-based course. The introductory weeks focus on Java, Android, Eclipse, and Git essentials needed to work on these projects. Over the course of the semester students will complete 5-6 programming projects that will build upon one another to illustrate the value of good design and implementation techniques for Android applications and systems programs. Each student will also design and implement an application for the final project. Online descriptions of these assignments will be available via the web.

Projects will involve substantial programming in Java and will be done individually by each student. Cheating and plagarism will not tolerated -- the Vanderbilt University Honor Code will govern all the course work (e.g., programming assignments, exams, etc.). Students are assumed to be competent in Java and familiar with tools like electronic mail and web browsers. Students not familiar with Java and these tools will have to learn them outside of class.

Exam and Quizzes

There will be a short graded quiz at the end of class each Wednesday. The exam and the quizzes will largely be based on material presented in class. It is therefore essential that you attend class in order to prepare for the quizzes and final exam. There will be no ``makeup'' quizzes unless you ask permission from me before the quiz. There will be a final exam worth 10% of your grade at the designated time slot. This exam will occur in the same room as the class is held. Material tested on the final exam will be comprehensive.

The relative weighting of each portion of the course is presented below:

Note that I reserve the right to change the weights during the course of the semester. The final grades will be based on a curve.

Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students who are taking this course will be expected to do additional work relative to the undergraduate students who take this class. This additional work will involve the following sorts of activities: The assignments and quizzes will explain precisely what additional work graduate students will be expected to perform.

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