The C++ Standard Template Library by Example Webinars

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The Standard Template Library (STL) is a subset of the C++ Standard Library consisting of header files that define container, function, and iterator classes along with algorithms and other utilities that work with these classes. These classes are written in a generic way to support both existing C++ built-in datatypes, as well as user-defined objects. The STL is not really object-oriented since there are no virtual functions and few related classes. Instead, STL classes are designed according to the principles of generic programming.

To help you learn how to program with STL, I hosted a series of interactive webinars that explained key concepts in STL and walked through many examples of applying STL features. All sessions were uploaded to my YouTube playlist for this webinar series, so you can watch them at your convenience.

The C++ source code for these examples is available here. These examples were tested in CLion and should be straightforward to port it to other C++ environments, as well. Suggestions for improvement are welcome (especially if they are accompanied with updates to the source code).

Recommended Background

These webinars are intended for software developers who are familiar with Coverage of these background topics is available in my numerous digital learning offerings.

Additional Resources

The following are other online sources of material on C++ and STL:

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