Modern Java by Example Webinars

Douglas C. Schmidt (
Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor
of Engineering (Computer Science),
Associate Provost of Research, and
Data Science Institute Co-Director
at Vanderbilt University



There's growing demand for software developers who understand how to write concurrent and parallel object-oriented and functional programs for a range of computing platforms, including mobile devices, laptops, desktops, servers, and cloud computing environments. To help you develop these types of programs, I'm hosting a series of interactive webinars that walk through examples of applying modern Java features and frameworks, including sequential and parallel streams, completable futures, the fork-join pool, and RxJava.

The Java source code for all these examples is available here. These examples been tested in Intellij and/or Android Studio and should be straightforward to port it to other Java environments, as well. Suggestions for improvement are welcome (especially if they are accompanied with updates to the source code).

All sessions were recorded and the resulting videos have been uploaded to my YouTube playlist for this webinar series, so you can watch them at your convenience.

Recommended Background

These webinars are intended for software developers who are familiar with Extensive coverage of these background topics is available in my numerous digital learning offerings.

Facebook Group

There's a Facebook group on Java Concurrency. Feel free to post questions and comments on that group.

Additional Resources

The following are other online sources of material on concurrent and parallel programming in modern Java:

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