Building a Stock Quoter with TAO - A Tutorial

The tutorial is organized around a single application, which allows client applications to obtain stock quotes from a quote service. This application is based on a series of Object Interconnections columns written by Doug Schmidt and Steve Vinoski for the C++ Report magazine.

This tutorial builds up from simple client and server applications to explore advanced TAO features, such as asynchronous method invocation, reliable oneways, the real-time Events Service, the Interoperable Naming Service support and much more.

As you go through the tutorial, feel free to check out the source files for which links are provided. If you choose to build and run the example, however, use the files which are part of the TAO source you download. You can find those source files in $TAO_ROOT/docs/tutorials/Quoter, where there's also a Makefile to build them with. Downloading the files individually from these links may result in source that does not build since the online tutorials may use a different version of ACE+TAO.

  1. Introduction - A very simple client
  2. Introduction - A very simple server
  3. Introduction - Improving the server via POA policies for explicit activation and user-defined object ids
  4. Introduction - Improving the server via POA policies for persistent object references
  5. Implementation Repository
  6. TAO's Naming Service
  7. Asynchronous Method Invocation - CORBA for impatient clients
  8. On_Demand_Activation
  9. TAO's COS Event Service
  10. TAO's RT Event Service

Carlos O'Ryan
Last modified: Fri Aug 27 13:04:01 CDT 2004