Persistent State Service status

Persistent State Service

Points of contact: Priyanka Gontla

Last Update: 2002/07/29

Persistent State Service (PSS) describes a way of making a service persistent. The fact that PSS is being used by a service is known only to the service (server) and not to the client which makes use of the service. PSS presents persistent information as storage objects stored in storage homes, to quote the specification. The storage homes are the datastores where the persistent data is saved.

The specification introduced Persistent State Definition Language (PSDL), a superset of IDL with five new constructs. PSDL is used to specify the interface to the datastore. The PSDL file used in the application will define the types that might be saved in the datastore.

We have a compiler, psdl_tao, which is similar to the tao_idl compiler, which will process the psdl file and generate stubs that are used mainly for the insertion and extraction operations.

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