Configuring TAO's Components


As described in the options documentation, various components in TAO can be customized by specifying options for those components. This document illustrates how to combine these options to affect the behavior and performance of a TAO ORB, particularly its concurrency model.

TAO configures itself using the ACE Service Configurator framework. Options are therefore specified using the svc.conf file (if you want to use a different file name, use the -ORBSvcConf option). Configurations selected via a svc.conf file are global per-process, e.g., all ORBs in a process will share the same concurrency model configured via a svc.conf file. You can also setup default configurations for your programs. Please see the Programming Considerations for more detailed discussion on this.


Details for the following configurations are provided.

Configuring Key ORB Components

Configuration Examples

The following are common ORB configurations used by TAO applications.

Programming Considerations

There are several ways to pass option flags into TAO's components.

Configuration for Homogenous Systems

Configuration Suggestions

Choosing the right configuration is hard and, of course, depends on your application. In the following section we will attempt to describe some motivations for features in TAO, hopefully that can guide you through the choice of your configuration options.

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