What is ACE+SSL?

ACE plus SSL is an addition to the core classes which allow the use of the Secure Socket Layer with the ACE framework. The following are the core classes conditionally compiled in when you run make ssl=1:

The SSL/TLS library we use is OpenSSL which is available at http://www.openssl.org/. This library must be installed in order to use ACE+SSL. We cannot answer all of the questions you may have about OpenSSL, but hopefully through using the ACE+SSL interface your questions will be reduced.

How do I get ACE+SSL?

Due to the relaxation of export restrictions we have gained permission to distribute ACE+SSL along with the normal ACE distribution. It can be found in $ACE_ROOT/ace/SSL. An SSL pluggable transport for can be found in $TAO_ROOT/orbsvcs/orbsvcs/SSLIOP.

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