Vanderbilt University Director

Washington University Director

Former Washington University Director

Affiliated Faculty and Full-time Staff

  1. Chris Gill <>

    Chris is an Assistant Professor at Washington University who joined the DOC group from Southwestern Bell. He has ported ACE to the pSoS real-time operating system and has implemented a strategized scheduling service for TAO. His Ph.D. focused on a middleware framework for dynamic and adaptive resource management in embedded and real-time distributed object computing systems.

  2. Andy Gokhale <>

    Andy is an Associate Professor in the EECS Department and a Senior Researcher in the Institute for Software Intensive Systems at Vanderbilt University. As a Ph.D. student at Washington University, Andy conducted a substantial amount of work developing benchmarks for CORBA performance over ATM networks. His Ph.D. research contributed many components to TAO -- most notably the various Object Adapter demultiplexing strategies, IIOP optimizations, and the TAO IDL compiler. Andy received his Ph.D. in 1998 and worked as a member of the research staff for Bell Labs at Murray Hill.

  3. Jeff Parsons <>

    Jeff graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Washington University and is a full-time staff member in the DOC group at Washington University working on TAO's IDL compiler, its Interface Repository, and many other odds and ends. As an undergrad, Jeff provided the original TAO Dynamic Any implementation, as well as a DII/DSI application using TAO. He also developed an extensive regression IDL compiler test suite to validate TAO's features. In addition to being a full-time staff member, Jeff is a CS Masters grad student at Washington University.

Doctoral Students

In addition to Jeff Parsons, whom is a full-time staff and a doctoral student, the DOC group has the following doctoral students:

  1. Jaiganesh Balasubramanian<>

    Jai is a graduate student at ISIS where he is working on adding adding load balancing to TAO, component swapping, and a resource allocation and control engine for CIAO.

  2. Krishnakumar Balasubramanian<>

    Kitty is a graduate student at ISIS where he is working on domain-specific modeling languages for the CORBA Component Model (CCM).

MS Students